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Reforest! Start with a tree.

Buy or gift a mini forest with a mix of trees from various parts of the world.

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Why Plant a Tree?

Reforesting with zeroCO2 means taking action for climate change, supporting rural communities for the future of all.

For People

The trees we plant become the property of local farming families and a tool for their economic and food well-being, after we guide them through a specific training program so they can take care of them.

For the Climate

Reforestation is one of the most effective tools for reducing CO2 and mitigating climate change. By increasing forest cover, we can reduce the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere, helping to stabilize the climate.

For the Future

We reforest to promote sustainability and the conservation of natural resources, to make a lasting impact on the health of our planet, and to preserve the beauty and vitality of our ecosystems. We do it for future generations.

Reforestation can be complex, it's normal to have questions.

We care deeply about making you aware of what you are supporting and what you will receive. If you don't find the answers to your questions here, please visit our support page.

A tree kit is like a small forest! Every additional tree you help us plant contributes to global reforestation. With a tree kit you demonstrate an even greater commitment to fighting climate change. Like the individual trees, also the kits can be purchased for yourself or as a gift.

Yes, about every 2-3 months you will receive detailed updates on the reforestation projects you have contributed to as well as photos from our reporters on site. Reforestation takes time, but you can keep an eye on the growth of your trees from your account thanks to satellite technology.

After your purchase you will have access to our platform where you can: 1. customise your personal information 2. monitor the growth of your forest through continuous updates from our reports and local team 3. have an overview of the impact generated in your personal dashboard 4. manage your gifts to share trees with your recipients 5. receive regular updates and photos from our reporters

You can write a personal message to accompany the e-mail with the redemption code that will allow your recipient to become the owner of the tree you have chosen for them. Want to make the gift even more personal? You can simply copy the gift redemption code and send it to your recipient in the form you prefer.