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Labo Suisse

Labo is a market leader in both Hair and Skin care with patented treatments inspired by aesthetic medicine that combine high-tech cosmetics with innovative solutions.

What Labo Suisse contributed to

Safeguard biodiversity
Habitat regeneration
Food safety
Economic support

The impact of Labo Suisse


times the

Reforested surface

55k mq


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Planted trees


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Supported families



Absorbed CO2


CO2 kg

Which is equivalent to:


tours of the world by car

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“With Labo Forest, the company, always visionary towards the future, sets down its roots for a more sustainable future.”

Manuela Guglielmo, Marketing Director Labo

Our project

Labo has always looked forward to the future and now wants to make it more sustainable by joining a noble environmental project: LABO FOREST. This project is the concrete evidence of the company’s commitment to the environment and to future generations, a path whose main objective is to reduce the environmental impact of its activities in a tangible, measurable and concrete way: reduction of plastic materials in packaging, use of recycled materials, awareness of the correct disposal by consumers. A programme that aims to raise awareness of increasingly eco-friendly behaviours in internal processes as well as in relations with partners, exclusive distributors and end consumers.


Labo Forest initiative was launched in 2021 and has been expanding ever since. 500 new trees are being planted on major global environmental-themed days: Earth Day, World Environment Day, World Biodiversity Day, International Day of Forests, World Habitat Day, and World Soil Day. With periodic recurrences, reforestation is an ongoing commitment for Labo. The project was also highlighted at Cosmofarma 2023 with a stand wall and a bookmark for guests about Labo Forest.
On the 25th anniversary of Crescina market launch, Labo had a press event in Milan, at Palazzo Serbelloni, and two rooms were dedicated to Labo Forest. Guests at the event also received a poster illustrated by Italian artists, symbolically representing a new gift tree planted in Labo Forest.

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