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The Thinking Watermill Society

The Thinking Watermill Society is a non-profit organization, where we do research, we organize round tables and conferences, and we publish books and reports.

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“We created The Thinking Watermill Woods, a regeneration project, planting trees in the world to fight climate emergency and support farming communities.”

Il nostro progetto

Among our sustainability priorities, we thought about creating a wood of trees and started with 100 trees planted in Guatemala; more trees have been planted – we now reached almost 640 trees - and others will follow. We call it “wood” because the trees are still a few, but we hope they will become a forest. We would like to reach 10,000 trees, which would cover approximately 40 hectares, which are 100 acres (“Hundred-acre wood”) because we believe that, in order to save the world, we should remain children in some way and be inspired by fairy tales. The trees are being planted not only in Latin America, but also in Italy and – lately - in other parts of the world (such as Tanzania).

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