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Join Us to reforest the Planet.

The climate crisis affects us all, personally, and our reforestation projects are intertwined with the future of people and the environment, providing a concrete response to this emergency. Join our ecosystem, support our projects with a gesture for yourself, a gift, or by involving your company. Together, we are a forest!

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What will be your first step in reforestation?

Planting trees around the world is a peaceful yet entirely revolutionary gesture: it helps regenerate entire ecosystems and recreate habitats for various plant and animal species.

Plant a Forest

Plant a Forest

If you're thinking big and want to plant more than ten trees, this is the right option. By choosing to plant a forest, you can select the project that matters most to you: our specialists on the ground will then select the most suitable species.

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Plant a Tree

Plant a Tree

If you want to take small steps, with this option, you can plant one or more trees and choose the method that suits you, with a single contribution or a subscription.Discover all the tree species in our shop, read their characteristics, and plant your favorites!

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Why plant a tree with zeroCO2?

Reforesting with zeroCO2 means taking action against climate change by supporting rural communities for the future of all.

For People

The trees we plant become the property of local farming families and a tool for their economic and food well-being, after we guide them through a specific training program to care for them.

For Climate

Reforestation is one of the most effective tools to mitigate the effects of climate change. By increasing forest cover, we can reduce the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere, helping to stabilize the climate.

For the Future

We reforest to promote sustainability and the conservation of natural resources, to create a lasting impact on the health of our planet, and to preserve the beauty and vitality of our ecosystems. We do it for future generations.

Reforestation is complex; it's normal to have questions.

We want you to be well-informed about what you're supporting with your purchase and what you will receive. If you don't find the answers to your questions here, please visit our support page.

Whether you're a business or an individual, after making a purchase, you'll have access to our platform where you can: 1. Customize your personal information 2. Track the growth of your forest through continuous updates from our reports and the local team 3. Get an overview of the impact generated in your personal dashboard 4. Manage your gifts to share trees with your recipients 5. Receive periodic updates and photos from our reporters If you're a business: You can customize your public page, shareable via a link and accessible from our ecosystem of partner companies or the map navigation bar. What can you do? - Showcase the results of your corporate forest - Include CEO quotes or quotes from another key figure - Customize your photo gallery - If you wish, indicate the stakeholders involved in the initiative.

Yes, approximately every 2-3 months, you will receive detailed updates on the reforestation projects you have contributed to, along with photos from our reporters on-site. You will witness the forest you are part of growing through satellite monitoring, instead of receiving photos of individual trees. Our new perspective focuses on overall impact. Every tree counts because it contributes to creating a forest.

By selecting the gift option during purchase, you will receive a redemption code on your account, which allows you to manage the gift independently. By sending the redemption code to someone, you enable your recipient to become the owner of the tree you've chosen for them. If you're feeling creative, you can choose to copy the code and communicate it to the lucky recipient as you prefer. Alternatively, you can send an email from our platform specifying: the recipient's email, the day and time you want them to receive the code, and a personalized dedication. The procedure is exactly the same for gifting kits and subscriptions.

zeroCO2 allows communities to choose the species to plant, respecting the knowledge and needs of the people living in the project areas without imposing preconceived agronomic models. Our technical team oversees the selection of species to ensure a high level of biodiversity and long-term soil management improvement. To do this, we offer continuous training and consultations to farming communities and our project partners for planning based on social, economic, and cultural needs as well as the natural requirements of the project areas.

By clicking on "Proceed to Purchase," you will be redirected to Stripe, where you can enter your payment method, insert any discount codes, and make a secure purchase. We have chosen Stripe as the provider for purchases on our shop to ensure the highest level of security for entering card and other payment method details. Once the purchase is complete, you can access your account, review your order, manage your gifts, and view your personal dashboard.


Have a Redemption Code?

If you've received a tree as a gift and have a redemption code, click here and follow the procedure.